Foreign investments score: Last year’s result reached in half a year, however, the amount is disappointing

Total direct investments in the second quarter this year amounted to €207.4 million, measures the National Bank. What increased the net inflow? Intercompany debt shows an inflow of €101.6 million, reinvested profit €75.1 million, and equity capital inflow has increased by €30.8 million.

This year, total direct investments in the country amount to €244.3 million since the first quarter registered exceptionally poor results, that is, showing net inflow of only €25 million. The total score for the first half of the year results from the growth of the reinvested profit and equity capital.

This year shows good results, considering that the entire past year recorded foreign capital investments in the amount of only €240 million. Last year was a year of pandemic where the economy suffered due to the healthcare challenges, and the real sector still requires financial stimulations to survive. In such circumstances, analysts claim, part of the losses could have been compensated with larger inflow of foreign investments, especially since there were some developments on the markets due to the crisis and an increase of the regional attractiveness with the Western investors.

In 2019, total direct investments in the country amounted to €326.3 million. This is bad performance if we compare it with the year before, that is, 2018, which delivered a record in this regard. The country welcomed foreign investments amounting to sizable €624 million.

2020 - €239.8 million

2019 - €326.3 million

2018 - €624.49 million

2017 - €181.73 million

2016 - €338.43 million

2015 -  €216.72 million

2014 - €205.14 million

2013 - €252.2 million