Regular quarterly meeting between the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production and the Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi with the economic team from the Government

- Summing up the requests from the previous quarterly meeting and agreeing on deadlines through constructive cooperation and continuous support from the Government

On 30/06/2021, the Association of Foreign Companies with Technologically Advanced Production under the Foreign Investors Council of the Chamber, led by Viktor Mizo, President of the Association, and the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi held their regular quarterly meeting in the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia.

The meeting included the Director of the Technological and Industrial Development Zones Directorate, Jovan Depotovski, the Director of the Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Agency, Dejan Pavleski, as well as representatives of other ministries, governmental agencies and directorates that work on affairs related to foreign investments. The event witnessed discussion on the priority issues of the Association, the proposed solutions, as well as the stances of the Government against theirs, and the need for taking steps in this regard.

In particular, the participants emphasized the challenges the foreign companies face in their day-to-day operation, systematized in several areas, incorporated in laws and bylaws, the issues regarding the tariff rates and the tax system, the non-business Sunday, as well as other current issues of the foreign companies.

Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi pointed out that the Government is continuously working on promotion of the climate for doing business in the country, creating suitable strategies, policies, programs, and specific measures that improve the competitiveness of the economy and companies, which in turn, creates conditions for quicker and sustainable economic growth and development. Moreover, he highlighted the need for continuous meetings to attain a more effective and more efficient application of the conclusions they arrive at. During the meeting, the Association representatives looked into the progress rate and status of their requests in a constructive manner, item by item. A working group was set up as well, composed of representatives of the Association, the Foreign Investors Council and the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, along with members of the Cabinet of Bytyqi and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, intended for developing bylaws that emerge from the Law on Labor Relations and the non-business Sunday initiative. Another working group was formed to integrate the Association comments on the Law on Foreigners.