FIC Business Magazine

Dear businesswomen,
Dear businessmen,
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,

Here it is! The first edition of the Foreign Investors Council’s business magazine is in front of you!

During the fourteen years of existence, our Council has shown its contribution to the Macedonian economy and society. We were highlighting the benefits of foreign investment in the country many times. Most important is the structural transformation of the economy, the promotion and the increase of openness, the indirect job creation, the transfer of technology and the upgrade of the skills of the workforce.

That are exactly the strategic priorities of the Council of Foreign Investors within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. Promoting a sustainable business environment and predictability of the legislation for a larger inflow of foreign direct investments as well as facilitating the conditions for doing business as foreign and of course also as domestic companies.

The Foreign Investors Council since its inception in 2006 is true to its principles - transparency, fairness and certainty. Today, as in the past, the Council promotes a predictable and clear business environment, which creates equal opportunities for all business entities and good business ethics, giving an example of sound management directly through Council activities and indirectly through the operation of its member companies.

At the moment, the Council is composed of about 140 member companies exclusively with foreign capital, making it the most representative business association of foreign companies in the country.

I am kindly inviting you to have a look at this edition of the business magazine where you can deeply see our activities, initiatives, developments and members.

For transparency, equality and predictability we stand together.

Stefan Peter