The Foreign Investors Council within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Gjorgje Ivanov, PhD, in the period from December, 2018 until March, 2019, will organize a second generation of the Project: “SPEND A DAY WITH MACEDONIA’S LEADING CEOs”. The main objective of the Project is ten young and ambitious people from Macedonia to spend one day with the Macedonian leading CEOs with which they will get a rare possibility to see how the working day of a top manager looks like, while thoroughly analyzing the processes of leading a company, acquiring new knowledge, practical experience and skills that will contribute to the development of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Can Apply?
Students in the last of undergraduate studies, graduate student, Master or PhD student of Universities/Faculties in Economy, Law, HR, Management, Public Administration or Business, or the fields related with the primary field of work of the visiting companies (EVN, Arcelor Mittal Skopje, Ramstore, TAV Airports and Comfy Angel).

The upper age limit is 27 years old.

Why Should You Apply?
The program gives you an opportunity to recall your in-class learning and apply it to a real-world situation while providing you with the tools and skills needed to start your career building.

What Are the Benefits?
- Spending a day with Macedonian leading CEOs with a group of exceptional young people is an once-in-a-lifetime chance
- Get direct information on how a top-manager´s day looks like.
- Ask questions about their careers and have an insight by 5 (or part) of the most successful companies of the country.

When It Will take Place?
From December.2018 till March.2019.

Should I Do something prior our meetings with the CEOs?
You will be entitled with proper business case/task before coming in CEOs office in order to visit their premises prepared.

The transport to the companies will be organized by the organizers. The costs for the transport to Skopje for the scheduled events will be covered by the participants.

In order to get a Certificate at the end of the Project, you have to attend all scheduled visits.

If you have some more questions, please address our office: fic@mchamber.mk