An  important  objective  of  the  Foreign  Investors  Council  within  the  Economic  Chamber  of Macedonia  is  to  increase  the  level  of  cooperation  between  foreign  investors  and  local suppliers  in  the  country.  Taking  this  objective  as  a  starting  point,  the Council  published  the  first  edition  of  the  Business  Catalogue.

The Business Catalogue is an integrated database with over 130 member companies of the FIC. It provides a brief description of the companies’ main activities, their contact details,  and  a  detailed  description  of  their  products  and  services.  The  Catalogue  is  available  in  hardcopy and in electronic form, which is posted here, and is envisaged  to  serve  as  a  useful  tool  for  domestic  and  foreign  suppliers,  partners  and associates of the Council's member companies.