Foreign Investors Council organized workshop for foreign companies regarding the application of the Law on Customs Tariff

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC), in collaboration with the Customs Administration, organized a one-day workshop on 19 September 2023, on End Use and Benefits for Permit Holders. The workshop aimed to acquaint economic operators with the concept of end use, the way and procedure to obtain approval for end use, and how to utilize the benefits provided to permit holders.

The event was opened by the FIC President, Viktor Mizo, who expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Customs Administration of the RNM. He hoped that this new event would contribute to overcoming any uncertainties in the implementation of the end-use procedure, which was introduced with the amendment to the Customs Tariff Law.

The Customs Administration emphasized its readiness to assist all export-oriented companies with any kind of support they may need. During the workshop, all aspects related to defining the end use, the legal foundations, opportunities, and the process for submitting requests and obtaining approval were explained. Participants also received practical advice on how to submit their requests, oversee the implementation of end use, and correctly handle the procedure. Additionally, attending companies had the opportunity to learn about the benefits for permit holders and the types of goods that can be subject to end use.

Toward the end of the workshop, company representatives had the chance to ask questions, both related to the workshop's topic and any other customs-related matters.
Approximately 40 participants attended this hybrid-format working meeting, mainly representing foreign companies operating in the country.