New management of the Chamber’s Foreign Investors Council (FIC) elected

Aiming to strengthen labor capacity and promote the activities supporting foreign investors in the country, the Assembly of the Foreign Investors Council at the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia elected a new management for the following two-year term in a plenary session held on 29/05/2023. With over 40 FIC companies attending the session, the members elected Viktor Mizo from Kostal Macedonia as FIC President, while Nikola Ljushev from Makedonski Telekom and Wolfgang Maier from EVN Macedonia, CEOs and experienced managers of some of the most renowned companies in our country, were elected as FIC Vice Presidents. In a move aimed at effectively representing and advocating for foreign investors in the country, a new 12-member composition of the FIC Management Board has been elected.

This new board is set to ensure the active involvement of companies with foreign capital across diverse sectors. Building upon its previous work, the reconstituted management will prioritize FIC's active participation in shaping a more favorable business environment and enhancing conditions for doing business within the country. Through the proposal of measures and recommendations, the board seeks to identify optimal solutions that can drive sustainable and accelerated economic development. Moreover, their efforts aim to bolster the country's attractiveness to both retain existing investors and attract new ones. The ever-evolving economic landscape and business conditions directly impact the operational dynamics of FIC. Consequently, the newly appointed FIC management recognizes the crucial importance of conducting ongoing monitoring and analysis of the country's economic situation. This diligent approach serves as the foundation for devising and proposing measures to enhance the investment and business climate in the country. In the upcoming period, these activities will remain at the forefront of the new FIC management's strategic commitment to ensure effective and efficient operations. During the session, the Executive Director of FIC Serbia, Aleksnadar Ljubić, delivered a presentation to acquaint the audience with the diverse range of services offered by FIC Serbia to its members. He elaborated on how these services facilitate cooperation with state institutions, the established method of communication with the government, the effectiveness of adopting their White Book recommendations, their approach to creating a positive impact in society, and their recognition as a significant partner in enhancing the business climate of the country.

On behalf of the Chamber and FIC, Chamber representatives expressed gratitude to the former FIC President Mr. Stefan Peter for his dedicated efforts in the Council's functioning, conveying best wishes for success in his new position.