The newly signed USAID Project, the new White Book edition, and the latest EU Commission Report on this country were at the table at the FIC Management Board session

On 22/11/2022, the Management Board of the Foreign Investors Council held a regular session where they spoke about several different topics of interest to foreign investors in the country.

Mihajlo Donev, M.A., operating director at the Economic Chamber, turned to the goals of the ongoing  Private Sector Regional Integration Support Activity Project (PSRISA) which is implemented by the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia with the support of the American Agency for International Development - USAID.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen export capacities and the competitiveness of export-oriented companies in order to take advantage of the opportunities for the Macedonian business community from the common regional market and internationalization of the Macedonian business sector.

Additionally, the activities that will be realized during the next year, in which all export-oriented companies can participate, were also presented by the operational manager of the project Mr. Donev, such as three regional conferences with the countries of the Western Balkans and 3 conferences with the countries or a group of countries from the EU, B2B forums and meetings with the aim of strengthening regional and international business relations and connections that will serve to the export companies as support in their efforts to expand export activities to new markets and increase export activities to already existing markets in the region and beyond.

Later in the session, the members of the Management Board were familiarized with the latest edition of the White Book, still in the trial version, which represents a true opportunity for examining the perception of foreign companies as to the business climate in this country and the challenges they are facing while doing business. FIC recommendations are concrete, not only as an examination of the current economic situation in the country but also as corrective actions and proposals to promote the business climate. The new White Book is created as a multimedia publication, designed on a web platform, which provides user interaction and direct access for any stakeholder, including chapters about taxes, finance, proprietary relations, administrative relations, human resources, and environmental protection.
At the end of the session, Ms. Marie-Madeleine KANELLOPOULOU, Head of the department of economy, institution building and cross-border cooperation in the EU Delegation in Skopje, presented the key points from the latest EC report on the progress of this country, emphasizing the economic criteria and performance of the country in the past period.