Objectives and roles

• The member companies of the Foreign Investors Council believe that a dialogue between the policy makers and the foreign investment community is essential for a successful improvement of the investment climate, while stimulating Macedonian economy.

• The Foreign Investors Council will promote pro-business initiatives and deliver practical support to all investors so as to improve the business environment in the country.

• The Foreign Investors Council aims to be the single voice of foreign investors in the country.

FIC’s goal is to make Macedonian economy more attractive for investments by simplified rules and increased predictability. Promoting solid business ethics and high corporate governance principles is also high on FIC agenda.

FIC brings together more than 130 members from 20 countries – companies with an impeccable reputation and a strong presence on the Macedonian market and big impact on the economy, working on different areas of Macedonia’s economy: agriculture, automotive, food production, energy, telecommunications and IT, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, consulting and audit, etc.