Key facts and figures

Foreign Investors Council – Facts and figures  

FIC members are a driving engine of Macedonian economy. 
FIC brings together more than 130 members from 20 countries – companies with an impeccable reputation and a strong presence on the Macedonian market and big impact on the economy, working on different areas of Macedonia’s economy: agriculture, automotive, food production, energy, telecommunications and IT, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, consulting and audit, etc.
FIC members are investors from: Germany, UK, Austria, USA, Canada, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Slovenia, Greece, and others.
A firm commitment in promoting reforms for a healthy investment environment, attracting foreign investments in the Macedonian economy and an open dialogue with public authorities.
President of FIC is Mr. Viktor Mizo. 

Aims of the Foreign Investors Council
• Improvement of the investment and business development climate in Macedonia by making concrete reform proposals;
• Stimulation of foreign direct investments;
• Promoting the communication between the Foreign Investors Council and the Macedonian authorities;
• Assistance in overcoming the differences which may exist in the relations with foreign investors;
• Link with other foreign investor organizations across the SEE region to benefit from sharing the best practices;
• Studying specific means to facilitate regional operations;
• Facilitating the flow of information between the members of the Foreign Investors Council and the Government;